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GT750E Brings Gaming to Life

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GT750E  Brings Gaming to Life
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GT750E  Brings Gaming to Life
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Aeria Games and Entertainment, Santa Clara, CA

Gaming Needs

Aeria Games and Entertainment evaluates new game titles by sharing them with expert gamers on a big screen. The company wanted to ensure that its focus groups would experience all of the big-screen excitement packed into potential new titles.

Expert Solution

Optoma’s GameTime projectors, including the GT720 and GT750E, provide resolution, brightness and contrast ratio to bring fast-paced games to life during testing.


Aeria Games and Entertainment standardized on Optoma’s GameTime DLP projectors for testing, using eight of them to provide big six by eight foot images of the games to allow groups of five to 10 users to provide feedback on the games.

Aeria Games and Entertainment has built its business on publishing online games, with titles that span nine languages and more than 30 countries. Today, the company’s gamer base has reached 23 million gamers and their catalog includes such popular titles as Shaiya and Lime Odyssey.

Creating a Group Experience

The company’s success, in part, can be linked to careful research done before launching any of their popular MMORPGs (massively multiplayer online role-playing games), action shooters, anime-style social games or multiplayer mobile titles.
“We have a wide variety of games in our portfolio. Most of them are also fast paced and have lots of quickly-changing graphics. We like to show new games on a big screen so everyone can see them in detail,” said Ellis Pak, business development associate at the Santa Clara, CA-based company. “We chose Optoma’s GameTime projectors for the excellent video quality they provide.”
The company tests games that it is thinking of licensing, as well as games that the company has in development. During group testing, the goal is to find bugs and glitches that need fixing,
said Pak.
During the testing, the games are shown on a wall as six by eight feet images so that the group of five to 10 viewers can watch the game play together. “By projecting the game play on a big screen, the watchers get to see all the details, from the user interface to actual game play to make the most of the testing,” Pak added.

“We chose Optoma’s GameTime projectors for the excellent video quality they provide.”

- Ellis Pak, business development associate at Aeria Games and Entertainment

Gaming Expert to Gaming Expert

To help that process, the company outfitted itself with eight of Optoma’s GT750E and GT720 DLP gaming projectors to bring their games to life for their focus groups. Optoma’s GameTime projectors are designed with gamers in mind, integrating the features and performance to support an immersive gaming experience, as well as providing excellent clarity for viewing movies. The Optoma GT750E features 3000 ANSI lumens brightness and 3000:1 contrast ratio and offers Full 3D 720p display, as well as support for 1080p resolution for bright and clear widescreen images.
The Optoma GT720, meanwhile, brings the same resolution and contrast ratio and 2500 ANSI lumens brightness. The built-in 10-watt speaker system in both projectors adds vibrant sound to excellent images for a full sensory experience. HDMI allows for easy connection to gaming systems and DVD players alike.
This connection flexibility was at the top of the feature list for Aeria Games. “We need to hook up to a variety of sources,” said Pak. “We like the ability to connect easily to any of the sources we want.” 

Gold Standard for Gaming

Now, Aeria Games has standardized on Optoma’s GameTime projectors for its group testing, confident that the projectors set the standard for big-screen gaming and picture quality. The company knows that these projectors will bring potential titles to life, and make choosing the right games to grow their business fun and easy.