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NEC Display: Power distributor EPB’s headquarters

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NEC Display: Power distributor EPB’s headquarters
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NEC Display: Power distributor EPB’s headquarters
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When you run the infrastructure that delivers energy, Internet, TV and phone services to more than 173,000 customers, you need to make sure your headquarters looks the part.

Power distributor EPB has driven the development of a state-of-the-art fiber optics communication infrastructure, known as the Smart Grid, in and around the Chattanooga area. The company needed a showcase for reinforcing its brand and emphasizing its role in steering the region’s future.

Quick Facts

  • Facility: Power distributor EPB’s headquarters
  • Location: Chattanooga, TN
  • Challenges: Define EPB’s role in developing the community’s innovation economy
  • Solution: 27 46” NEC X463UN displays, 21 55” NEC X551UN displays, 48 video wall display mounts and spacers, 8 multi-channel signage players (six output), two multi-channel signage players (three output), one master controller control station (YCD content server), 1 NEC color calibration kit, master control station software, and synchronized full-HD player software
  • Date: August 2013

Storefront windows at ground level line two sides of EPB’s 10-story downtown headquarters, providing an ideal setting for sharing the passion and innovative products that define the company’s work. Previously, EPB outfitted the windows with static signage and small retail flat-screen panels that delivered this message, but it wanted an installation with greater impact.

“We were looking for something high tech, eye popping and attention grabbing that reflected our brand,” EPB spokesman John Pless said. EPB decided to install video walls that could display rotating content, 24 hours a day, to represent all that the company stands for. The main goal of the Smart Grid is to create the fastest fiber optic infrastructure in the country and establish Chattanooga, as Pless puts it, as a “gig city” where developers come to create the next big thing. Though EPB delivers cutting edge technology, it’s also deeply connected to the peaks and rivers that define Chattanooga’s seat at the junction of the Appalachian Mountains and Cumberland Plateau. The new window installation needed to reflect that heritage while looking ahead to the future.

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