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FourPoint Energy is an oil and gas exploration and production company with more than 30 years of acquisition, drilling and operating experience. Throughout its new corporate offices, FourPoint Energy has implemented the market's most advanced digital display technology in order to impactfully demonstrate its capabilities, convey its scope of operations, outline its vision and plans, and manage its projects.

This display technology – selected from Planar, a Planar company's wide range of offerings – enables FourPoint to communicate with customers, prospects, partners and others in ways that match the needs and specific interests of these stakeholders. The selected displays – Clarity® Matrix™ LCD Video Wall System, Planar® UltraRes™ Series 4K displays and Planar® PS Series HD displays- are effective because they deliver information on platforms that are among the biggest and brightest, and that can present video, PC-based data, Internet, broadcast television and other 4K content at the highest level of visual clarity and quality.

FourPoint turned to its partner, LINX Multimedia for assistance and guidance in selecting the displays, sourcing, testing and installing them in various areas of the new office. Displays were needed for the reception area, conference rooms, a collaboration space and a café and community area, as well as several digital signage locations throughout the offices. Each space presented different configuration and mounting requirements, as well as the necessity to accommodate differing inputs and data sources. With years of advanced AV experience, LINX had the knowledge and experience to know which Planar displays would work best in each area of the office and why Planar was the right partner for the project. "The many features of its displays made Planar the obvious choice. But two – both mainstays of all three display models – are image resolution and display longevity," says Tim Hoskins, Design Engineer, CTS for LINX Multimedia. "On each platform we knew that the content presentation would be exceptional, and based on Planar's commitment to engineering excellence, we knew it would be that way for many years to come."

Large and smaller-scale video walls greet visitors, support company meetings

Entry to the new corporate office is through the reception area. Here, a floor-to-ceiling video wall consists of 35 Clarity Matrix LCD Video Wall displays (MX46HDU-L ) arranged in a seven-wide-by-five-high (7x5) configuration. Across the Clarity Matrix video wall, FourPoint showcases its corporate brand proposition while intermixing digital signage and relevant cable television content. All content is presented in Full HD resolution with 800-nit brightness. Also, as desired, different pieces of content can be assigned to individual display, quadrant or a single piece of content can be stretched to fill the entire video wall. This is made possible by Planar's Clarity® Visual Control Station™ (VCS™) Video Wall Processor , which allows various visual sources (e.g., HDMI, DVI, VGA) to be positioned and re-sized individually anywhere on the video wall, or depicted according to one of many pre-set layouts. "One of the coolest things about using the Clarity VCS with Planar's displays is that, once content is developed, the video wall can support a native resolution of 13440 x 5400. This is a little larger than a 12K display. This feature is intended to help FourPoint be ready for future content," says Hoskins.

All 35 Clarity Matrix LCD video wall displays are installed on the proprietary Planar® EasyAxis™ Mounting System. This six-axis system assures easy and consistent panel alignment and a tilt-out feature enables servicing access to any single display without the need to power down the entire video wall. Further, Planar EasyAxis complements the Clarity Matrix video wall's distributed electronics capability, which allows power supplies and other components to be remotely located, keeping heat-inducing elements away from the video wall, preserving its operational life.

A three-by-three (3x3) configuration of Clarity Matrix video wall displays also is used in the Café/Community area. Here, the nearly 140-inch diagonal video wall supports large presentations and company-hosted events. FourPoint also uses the Clarity Matrix video wall for branding and as a large-screen platform for cable TV content. And like the larger video wall in the reception area, the Café/Community video wall provides the same high level of performance, with high reliability assured through Planar's distributed electronics design, redundant components and easy front and rear access to any display within the video wall that may require servicing.

Large-scale displays are platforms for project review meetings

In both its Medium Conference Room and Steering Room, side-by-side pairs of Planar UltraRes Touch 4K LCD displays are installed. The 84-inch touch displays (UR8450-LX-Touch) provide a compelling information platform for use in small to large meetings (as well as in internal analysis of drilling operations) where participants can review projects – including via video conferencing, drawing on PC content, videos and information from other sources.

The Planar UltraRes Touch features multi-touch technology which allows meeting participants to interact with displayed content utilizing up to 32 highly-accurate, simultaneous touch points-in both areas. The displays are protected with Planar® ERO™ (Extended Ruggedness and Optics™) technology, an optically bonded layer of glass over the entire display surface. Displayed information is Ultra HD resolution (3840 x 2160), presented at up to 60Hz, which ensures superior image quality and smooth-motion video. Content can be displayed picture-in-picture, or in dual, quad or full screen layouts selected manually or by pre-established configuration pre-sets. Other features include a built-in kickstand for easy access to components, whisper-quiet, fanless operation and redundant power supplies that deliver the reliability sought after by FourPoint.

Individual displays present digital signage/art and company branding

Lastly, in a hallway, atop a prominent stairway and in the mail room, LINX specified and installed three individual Planar PS Series HD LCD displays – 55-inch Planar PS5552 models – as platforms for digital signage and art, and to present FourPoint corporate messaging, a calendar of activities taking place in the offices, and several of the company's key performance goals. The Planar PS Series feature 24x7 reliability, durable metal bezels and a long-life LED backlight. Other features include a wide array of inputs, USB playback, 450-nit brightness and RS232 and LAN control.