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Immersive Digital Software Combines with Interactive Display Technology to Create Engaging 3-D Experiences

In an increasingly competitive landscape, the initial challenge for many companies is how to best communicate their products or services to prospective clients. Montreal, Canada-based SmartPixel is fast becoming known for helping meet this challenge—in dynamic and impactful ways.

A leading developer of multi-touch and multi-platform interactive applications for companies in real estate, engineering, education and tourism, SmartPixel combines artistry and cutting-edge technology to create immersive digital experiences that bring design concepts to life. By placing a 3D model of a proposed building within a digital cityscape and allowing users to navigate around and see it from all angles, developers can take the design and sales process to a whole new level.

In a similar fashion, a 3-D landscape can allow engineers to better communicate the intricacies of complex machines that would otherwise not be possible.

Since the visual and interactive aspects of immersive marketing are such critical factors, SmartPixel has partnered with Planar to merge its innovative software with the highest quality in digital display and touch screen technology, enabling for the most compelling solutions.

"Planar LCD video walls work very well with our software—the reactivity of the touch sensors is extremely reliable, and the clarity and color of the displays are impressive," said Hadrien Laporte, SmartPixel president and CEO. "We've deployed our software with Planar video walls in many projects and the tech support, training and installation help that we receive is always exceptional."

High-tech showroom delivers a 'wow factor'

In the fall of 2018, SmartPixel moved into a new downtown Montreal office where a state-of-the-art showroom was created to allow them to demonstrate their interactive and immersive digital solutions to both existing and prospective clients. The new space includes a Clarity® Matrix® MultiTouch interactive LCD video wall system (LX55X-P-ERO) in an 8x1 configuration, a second Clarity Matrix video wall (LX46X-P-ERO) in a 4x1 configuration equipped with a touch overlay and mounted as a table, as well as several 50-inch and 58-inch Planar® EP Touch interactive 4K LCD displays (EP5024K-T and EP5824K-T).

The Clarity Matrix MultiTouch is an ultra-slim profile touch screen video wall that is ideal for the collaborative environment of the new SmartPixel showroom. Utilizing the latest touch technology, the Clarity Matrix MultiTouch enables up to 32 touch points and allows multiple users to simultaneously interact with the video wall without affecting other users, providing a superior touch experience with pin- point accuracy. Clarity Matrix delivers superior tiled visual performance, perfectly aligned panels and the industry's narrowest bezels, offering a nearly seamless video wall solution. The Planar EP Touch 4K LCD displays provide Ultra HD resolution, best-in-class 24x7 reliability and the stunning image quality of 4K. Featuring multi-touch and multi-user technology, the Planar EP Touch delivers superior performance and reliability.

At the new showroom, the advanced technology of the SmartPixel software can be put on full display. "During a demonstration, a user at the Clarity Matrix touch screen table can take content such as an image or a pdf and drag it, rotate it, adjust the size and then slide it in the direction of the wall-mounted Clarity Matrix video wall where the content will arrive in real-time, allowing another user to immediately begin interacting with it and continue with the presentation," Laporte said. "The overall experience is very collaborative and high tech."