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Planar Displays Allow for Interactive Tradeshow Experience

American Modular Systems (AMS) is a leading California manufacturer of green and durable modular schools that are designed to help school districts expand quickly and affordably. In 2009, AMS introduced its line of award-winning Gen7 high-performance classrooms—energy-efficient learning spaces that combine ultra-tight building envelopes with advanced electrical and mechanical systems for ensuring the health, safety and comfort of students and teachers.

Last year, AMS was a sponsor at the 2017 Green California Schools and Colleges Summit & Exposition, a technology-focused tradeshow showcasing the best practices and solutions behind successful green school programs. For the tradeshow, AMS wanted to deploy a more engaging exhibit as an alternative to the traditional booth presentation and partnered with digital marketing agency FLX Interactive and audio-visual integrator Digital Dreams to create an interactive tradeshow display.

As a cornerstone to this design, Digital Dreams installed two 65-inch Planar® PS Series interactive LCD displays and a 32-inch touch screen monitor from Planar. FLX Interactive designed custom applications and content for the displays—enabling for a digital booth experience that would foster greater participation and generate leads among visitors.

The Planar® PS6562T is a 65-inch, Full HD commercial-grade multi-touch LCD display that offers up to 20 touch points. Engineered for extended commercial use and 24x7 operation, the display includes a metal bezel that improves durability and reduces heat load on the LCD. The Planar PS6562T also features LED backlight technology and offers the benefits of low power consumption and a slim profile.

The Planar® PT3290PW 32-inch touch screen monitor is a bright, widescreen multi-touch display that is ideal for use in tradeshow applications requiring gestures-based support.

"We created interactive content that invited people to engage in a fun way and learn about the AMS brand story including the different types of designs and smart buildings that they offer," said Alano Vasquez, VP of digital strategy with FLX Interactive. "The Planar displays were beneficial in that any type of latency was minimized, allowing for a high-fidelity experience. Moreover, the color was true to form—what we saw on the display was a very clear and accurate representation of the content we designed."

Ben Buckley, CEO of Digital Dreams, said the Planar multi-touch displays provide the flexibility to conduct simultaneous presentations and show different content on the screens at the same time. "A visitor could be watching a video while an AMS representative drags and displays content," he said. "The Planar displays are simple to use, easy to work with and can be installed quickly—just attach them to the wall, plug them in and the show is underway."