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LED Video Walls Take Center Stage at Broadcast Convention

The Cable and Satellite Broadcasting Association of Asia (CASBAA) is an advocate for multichannel TV broadcast service providers in Asia. The mission of CASBAA is to promote the growth of pay TV and video content through information dissemination, networking exchanges and events such as its annual conferences. At the most recent of these conferences – Convention 2016 – held in Macao, China, CASBAA turned to Planar for advanced display technology to be used for messaging to conference attendees visiting its stand.
Two Planar video walls were installed in its conference room where CASBAA representatives could meet with and present to visitors during the convention - a Planar TWA Series (TWA1.2) fine pitch LED video wall, and a Planar CarbonLight™ CLI Series™ (CLI3.9) LED video walls. Both are high resolution products capable of delivering compelling content including 4K video, highly detailed text and graphics in PC-based presentations, and feeds from many other sources.

Planar TWA Series provides compelling image quality and operational efficiency

Selected for the right and left walls of the CASBAA conference room, the Planar TWA Series is a three-wide-by-three-high (3 x 3) configuration. With a 1.25mm pixel pitch each Planar TWA Series display delivers a pixel density of 59,450 per square foot (640,000 per square meter) for exceptional image quality. Whether viewed from a distance or close up, the pixels are virtually indiscernible.
Other notable features include 800-nit calibrated brightness, 97% brightness uniformity, 97% color uniformity, 24x7 duty cycle capability, 50,000 hour lifespan and whisper-quiet fanless operation.

The Planar TWA Series also meet s CASBAA's and other users' targets for power efficiency. Power with a black screen, it consumes up to 35% less power than the most power-efficient LED video wall displays on the market today.

Planar CLI Series is engineered for the fast-paced conference environment

For Convention 2016, CASBAA chose the Planar CarbonLight CLI Series for the main display platform in its conference room. The video wall is a 14 wide-by-eight-high array (14 x 8), as CASBAA recognized that the product was engineered to readily accommodate the conference environment.
Important design features included Planar's signature carbon fiber design, whose light weight and high strength enabled CASBAA technicians to achieve full installation quickly and easily, with assurance that all displays would stand up to the rigors of fast-paced convention set-up and tear-down. Further, Planar designed the Planar CarbonLight CLI Series with easy-to-use bracketry that would facilitate fast and simplified servicing should that become necessary.

As the Planar CarbonLight CLI Series video wall would be the main focal point in the conference room, and the primary presentation and display platform, high image quality was also an important requirement. Convention 2016 was the latest in a continuum of annual events of CASBAA. In all of these, it has had to communicate effectively on the topics of digital multichannel TV, content, platforms and on how it supports advertising and video delivery across a variety of geographic markets throughout the Asia-Pacific.

The product's ease of installation was certainly one. But equally important is how well it presents information to viewers. Factors that account for that include its fine pixel pitch of 3.9mm, which ensures that on a large wall, viewers can easily read displayed information; and that they are not distracted by seams. Also, the product delivers a stunning picture – enhancing the viewer's experience – through highly engineered capabilities, including, 1000-nit brightness, 4000:1 contrast ratio, exceptional color saturation and balancing, and 140-degree horizontal and vertical angles.