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Complete Video Extension Integration

A large Casino in Los Angeles was looking for a large-scale AV-over-IP system to update its legacy video and control system. Hall Technologies offered the Versa-4K and Polaris-1 for a simple, scalable video and control solution.


The casino required our solution to support high resolution and digital signage video feeds from their Direct TV video boxes and digital signage players. With more than 200 endpoints, the casino also needed a virtual matrix with the ability to control the network, provide admin-level switching controls and management, as well as user-level switching controls. This required separate user-interfaces and admin-interfaces, separating zones so that only certain people had permissions to do certain things, and they wanted the control to be wireless.


Given the requirements from the Casino, Hall Technologies recommended the Versa-4K AV-over-IP video distribution system along with the Polaris-1 Smart Controller for AV-over-IP. This gave the casino the ability to use 4K resolution, send IR across to control Direct TV boxes, and control over third party devices as well. The system was also designed to give the casino the ability to configure changes themselves and the flexibility to adjust from a 40×170 install to an 80×300 expansion to easily scale on demand.


Using the Polaris’ intuitive GUI configurator, the casino can now utilize the control to adjust how and where signals are being sent through the network without programming or training. For larger projects, Hall Technologies will configure the system on behalf of the integrator for a nominal fee. The solution was then configured, tested, and assembled on-site before being installed at the casino.