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Hoosier Energy- State of the Art Boardroom AV Design & Integration

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Hoosier Energy- State of the Art Boardroom AV Design & Integration
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Visual Sound received a request from Hoosier Energy in Bloomington, Indiana, seeking assistance in designing a video wall solution to replace the aging video wall displays in their primary boardroom. Through this collaboration, Visual Sound not only provided expertise in display technology but also educated Hoosier Energy on the pros and cons of various options, including the financial implications associated with each solution.

Existing System

Hoosier Energy's innovative boardroom initially featured four separate LCD video walls, each comprising a 4x4 arrangement of 55” ultra-narrow bezel LCDs, totaling 16 displays. As the system neared its fifth year, signs of aging became evident, with challenges such as inconsistent color matching between displays, image clarity, individual display failures and the traditional issues with LCD’s which include bezels, and readability issues during presentations. Not to mention due to the previous failures, the spare supply was gone.

The Challenge

A significant challenge in implementing any proposed solution was minimizing downtime, as the boardroom served as a crucial space for monthly board meetings and daily organizational gatherings. Visual Sound proposed a comprehensive plan that involved a 30-day downtime window, during which the team would remove and recycle the existing 64 displays and mounts, coordinate electrical adjustments, install new video walls, integrate with the existing AV system, conduct testing, commissioning, and provide end-user training.

The second significant hurdle involved ensuring that the proposed solution maintained a similar overall size, within a few inches, to accommodate the existing casework that Hoosier Energy intended to retain.

The Solution

After a thorough evaluation of potential solutions, Visual Sound and Hoosier Energy agreed on the optimal choice for the space—a Planar TVF 1.2mm direct-view LED solution. Each wall measured approximately 190” wide by 107” high, resulting in a total diagonal measurement of 218”. The resolution of each wall was 3,840 pixels wide by 2,160 pixels high, adhering to a standard 4k resolution. To address the distances between the video walls and the equipment control room, fiber optic transmission was employed. Integration involved utilizing built-in video processing included with the Planar TVF solution to Hoosier Energy's existing sources, ensuring a seamless transition between the new displays and the existing AV system.


In August 2023, the installation of the new LED video walls was completed, surpassing expectations by being successfully tested and commissioned ahead of the scheduled 30-day timeframe. Hoosier Energy and its Board of Directors conveyed tremendous satisfaction with the remarkable results of the upgraded video walls. The removal of bezels has enhanced the clarity of presentations, the pixel pitch aligns perfectly with the viewing distance, ensuring audience readability, and, most importantly, the boardroom has been restored to its role as a showcase for Hoosier Energy.