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Model: VM-214DT

The VM-214DT is a 4K UHD looping distribution amplifier for HDMI and HDBaseT signals.
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Powerful, Multi-Purpose Boardroom Presentation Switcher/Dual Scaler with HDBaseT
Posted on Tuesday, May 9, 2017
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Powerful, Multi-Purpose Boardroom Presentation Switcher/Dual Scaler with HDBaseT

Ideal for Dual-Screen Boardrooms and Dual-Output Video Conferencing Systems — Displays 2 Independent Images

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Powerful, Multi-Purpose Presentation Switcher/Dual Scaler for Boardrooms
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The VP-553xl is a powerful 6x2 boardroom presentation switcher/dual scaler that can output two independent scaled images (with embedded audio) from among three HDBaseT and three HDMI inputs. The product features a mirrored HDMI/HDBaseT output that, in addition to supporting its digital inputs, can also support 6 analog inputs.
Dual Independent Scaled Outputs
HDMI/ HDBaseT (with analog input support) and HDMI

Digital & Analog Inputs
HDBaseT, HDMI, VGA, composite video, & analog TP inputs

Kramer’s advanced Pix-Perfect™ Scaling Technology
Precision pixel mapping for the most reliable and accurate scaling available on the market. This "xl" version improves output stability for better projector performance.

Flexible Control Options
Front panel, IR remote with OSD (on-screen display), Ethernet with built-in web pages and RS-232

4x1 USB Switching
Ideal for Smart Board presentation and collaboration in meeting rooms
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VP-553xl Boardroom Application Example
VP-553xl Boardroom Application Example
Suggested Core Products
(1) Presentation Switcher/Dual Scaler
VP-553xl dual independent output 6x2 boardroom presentation switcher/scaler

(2) Range Extension
TP-580R HDMI HDCP 2.2 receiver with RS-232 & IR over long-reach HDBaseT

(3) Cable Management
TBUS-10XL table mount modular multi-connection solution with manually retracting lid

(4) Step-in Transmitter
DIP-20 HDMI & VGA Step-in PoE transmitter with Ethernet, RS-232 & stereo audio over extended-reach HDBaseT
* Located inside the TBUS-10XL
Optional (Peripheral) Products
(5) Control with Touch Panel
KT-107 7-inch wall & table mount PoE touch panel with K-Touch control platform

(6) Wireless Presentation & Collaboration
VIA Connect PRO wireless presentation & collaboration solution

(7) Wall Plate Transmitter
WP-20 HDMI & VGA Step-in PoE wall-plate transmitter with Ethernet, RS-232 & stereo audio over extended-reach HDBaseT

(8) On-Wall Seakers 
Tavor 6-O 6.5-inch, on-wall 2-way powered speakers

(*) Auto Switcher DIP-30  [Optional replacement for DIP-20]
HDMI & computer graphics automatic video switcher