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OmniMount Debuts Essentials Line of Home Theater Accessories
Posted on Thursday, September 10, 2009


New family of products provides perfect complements for all A/V equipment.
Atlanta, GA – CEDIA EXPO 2009 – September 10 – 13, 2009 – Hall C Booth 2337 –OmniMount, the global leader in commercial and consumer A/V mounting and furniture solutions, today announced OmniMount Essentials, its brand new line of A/V accessories. OmniMount Essentials includes complete solutions for a host of A/V needs, including screen and furniture cleaners, cable management, surge protectors and a cable safety kit.
The OmniMount Essentials Screen Cleaner and Furniture Polish are alcohol- and ammonia-free, no-drip solutions that safely remove dust, dirt and fingerprints. The anti-static, multipurpose gel screen cleaner, which comes equipped with a non-abrasive microfiber cleaning mitt is ideal for any LCD screen, including those of TVs, laptops, cell phones/PDAs and MP3 players, as well as CDs, DVDs, glass furniture and eyeglasses. The Furniture Polish cleans, moisturizes and protects furniture surfaces; its non-abrasive microfiber applicator and buffing mitts ensure a perfect clean every time. Each solution comes in an easy-to-store ventilated DVD case that allows the cleaning mitts to dry properly and store in a place where they’re most likely to be used. The screen cleaners, OESC2 and OESC5, come in two sizes (2.3-ounce and 5.5-ounce), while the furniture polish, OEFC5, is available in a 5.5-ounce size.
The OmniMount Essentials Cable Management solution, which features an easy-to-install seamless single roll design, enables wires to be easily routed vertically or horizontally with a 90 degree elbow. Perfect for hiding cables that stretch from components to outlets, the cable management products can be painted to match any wall color. Available in two widths, the OECM2 and OECM3, two inches and 3.5 inches respectively, these five-foot long solutions can be cut to any desired length with household scissors. 
Available in three models, the OmniMount Essentials Surge Protectors offer maximum protection for both coaxial- and Ethernet-connected equipment – the only company to offer Ethernet protection at entry level price points. Surge protectors are available in two-, four- and seven-outlet direct plug-in designs with pivoting outlets for convenience and built-in status indicators for ease-of-use. The two-outlet surge protector, the OESP2, offers a 1200 Joule energy rating and includes an Ethernet cable. Both the four- and seven-outlet surge protectors, the OESP4 and OESP7 respectively, offer a 2100 Joule energy rating, feature safety slide functions to close outlets, and include Ethernet and coaxial cables. All three surge protectors have been tested and approved at the latest UL standards and come equipped with EMI/RFI filtration for reduction of noise in audio and video signals.
Finally, the OmniMount Essentials Safety Cable Kit protects a wall-mounted flat panel in high-traffic areas and from curious children. Quick and easy to install, the OESK comes with a complete hardware kit and two adjustable-length steel cables for maximum protection.
The OESC2, OESC5 and OEFC5 have MSRPs of $12.95, $19.95 and $19.95, respectively; the OECM2 and OECM3 have MSRPs of $19.95 and $29.95, respectively. Most notably, the OESP2, OESP4 and OESP7 boast MSRPs of $29.95, $39.95 and $49.95, respectively. The OESK has an MSRP of $19.95. All products in the OmniMount Essentials line are targeted to hit the market in Q4.