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University of Virginia Selects Visix for Unified Communications Solution
Posted on Tuesday, September 25, 2007
Atlanta, GA — Visix, Inc., a leading developer of web-enabled communications software, has been selected to provide the University of Virginia (U.Va.) with a sophisticated, campus-wide communication solution to deliver relevant news, information and emergency alerts to students, faculty and staff. An integrated suite of application tools will deliver timely content to thousands of overlapping endpoints including flat-screen displays, projectors, desktops, cell phones and RSS enabled devices. U.Va. purchased the Visix AxisTV Enterprise software platform to deliver information to approximately 20,397 students and 13,458 full- and part-time employees through what the university calls “U.Va. Alerts”. The system will deliver content to displays located throughout nine campus buildings, in addition to its 400-seat movie theater where announcements and promotions will be shown via a connection to a high-end digital projector. Additionally, as part of its broader communications solution, U.Va. will enable students, faculty, and staff with the AxisTV Desktop Messenger, an optional feature available with the Visix AxisTV platform, to receive university updates and notifications. This bandwidth efficient application delivers important news and alerts in the form of pop-up messages to individual desktops. U.Va. has deployed AxisTV Text Messenger to deliver text (SMS) messages to the cell phones of parents, students, and members of the university community that opt in for text alerts by completing a simple online form. Nearly 10,000 students are currently registered recipients. Omnilert, LLC, an integrated Visix technology partner, will provide the annually licensed Text Messenger gateway service to the school via its e2Campus program. Lastly, the university is launching the AxisTV RSS Publisher, which allows anyone with an RSS-enabled device, such as a PDA, BlackBerry®, smart phone, iPod®, or PC, to receive and download important messages. Content creation, management and delivery to all endpoints are handled through a web browser. U.Va.’s Bill Ashby, Associate Dean of Students, worked closely with students and staff to determine the best campus-wide solution, ultimately selecting Visix for its comprehensive product offering. “The Visix suite of software provides opportunities for University of Virginia students, faculty and staff to communicate more effectively and efficiently. In a technology enhanced educational environment, where collegiality and community are cornerstones of the academic experience, tools like those offered by Visix are becoming increasingly important. They help us preserve intimacy and concurrently expand the scope and scale of our efforts.” Funding for the AxisTV system was provided in part by the Alumni Association’s Parents Committee and the Student Council. Each year the U.Va. Parents Committee allocates its funds to enhance academic and student life programs by supporting a variety of university and student organizations. “Our integrated technology solution was designed for organizations like the University of Virginia,” states Trey Hicks, Vice President, Sales at Visix, Inc., “The university has a variety of target audiences, separated by geography and technology. Parents of students attending U.Va. who are living in Boston want to feel connected to happenings affecting their children. Our products make that possible.” About University of Virginia The University of Virginia is distinctive among institutions of higher education. Founded by Thomas Jefferson in 1819, the University sustains the ideal of developing, through education, leaders who are well-prepared to help shape the future of the nation. The University is public, while nourished by the strong support of its alumni. It is also selective; the students who come here have been chosen because they show the exceptional promise Jefferson envisioned. About Visix Visix, Inc. designs, develops and supports a suite of software applications that allow users to create, import and manage their communications from anywhere and to deliver those messages to virtually any endpoint. The company offers a digital signage application, a room and event scheduling solution, and applications for targeted messaging to portable devices. Each of these products works independently or can be integrated into scaleable deployments from a single display to large networks. This comprehensive approach to on-time communications – from concept to delivery – provides turnkey systems including software, hardware and distribution accessories, as well as multi-tier support options to manage and maintain dynamic visual communications. Contact Visix at 800.572.4935 or Parties interested in additional information about Visix, AxisTV, MeetingMinder™, and MessageBlox™ Dynamic Visual Messaging applications should visit the Visix Web site at