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Keeping an Eye on Details Half the World Away – WolfVision Visualizers in Videoconferencing and Telepresence.
Posted on Tuesday, May 10, 2011
Keeping an Eye on Details Half the World Away – WolfVision Visualizers in Videoconferencing and Telepresence.

Efficient communication and cooperation are no longer dependent on everyone being physically present. Enterprises today are increasingly aware of the need to compete on a global basis, strengthen business partnerships and improve their own productivity by enabling separate teams in different locations to work together more efficiently.   Videoconferencing has allowed them to do this.

Fast moving companies understand that this kind of communication accelerates working processes and allows them to make better decisions in less time.  Phone, e-mail or internet is not sufficient for communication involving complex details.

Products, designs, prototypes, plans, etc. need to be shown and discussed – a WolfVision Visualizer is the perfect collaboration tool.

Global operation experts at HEAD Sport AG have to consult with each other from remote locations in order to discuss prototypes and design samples for skis, ski boots, snowboards and tennis rackets.


This, for Bernhard Zwischenbrugger, is an indispensible form of communication: " Many product details are discussed during our virtual meetings. Without visualisation and transmission of the highest quality, this would not be possible. Nobody can discuss or make decisions about shape, colour or function in detail without having seen the product in question. The only alternative would be local presence, but this would result in expensive and time-consuming business trips."


The WolfVision Visualizer also provides businesses with the possibility of constant contact among branches and divisions even for those critical, rushed projects.

The global media company Nikkei Inc. publishes in various locations. The speed of publishing demands last minute explanations and decision making.


Mr. Okada from Nikkei Printing says: "We used to review product samples and proposals locally, but with the move of our manufacturing team to various other locations we required a solution that enables us to still communicate at short notice, and under the pressure of deadlines. The WolfVision VZ-C32³ Ceiling Visualizer along with a HD videoconferencing system was the perfect solution. The Visualizer picks up images of the relatively large samples in high quality and very good colour reproduction, allowing us to continue to hold our meetings as we used to."