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Sales Ideas from AmpliVox: Lecterns and PAs for Growing Customers
Posted on Tuesday, May 24, 2016
Sales Ideas from AmpliVox: Lecterns and PAs for Growing Customers

When new customers contact your business, it’s not just an opportunity for a quick sale – potentially, it’s the start of a long professional relationship. Today’s start-up on a shoestring budget might be tomorrow’s Fortune 500 powerhouse. You can help them succeed, and build a customer relationship that lasts, by identifying sound system products that fit their immediate needs and considering the upgrades they will need in the future. AmpliVox makes it easy to find the perfect product, with the widest range of functions, styles, and price points for PA systems and lecterns.

Meet Jack and Jill, small business owners with big aspirations. They’re looking for a budget-friendly sound system that can go on the road with them for frequent presentations to audiences up to 500 people. They’ve struggled with the complicated, malfunctioning sound systems provided by outside venues, and they want the confidence of having their own reliable equipment that they can set up easily.

Sales Feature: For clients who make off-site presentations, having their own sound equipment saves time, avoids headaches, and ensures positive results.

·         Solution 1: AmpliVox SW222/223 Wireless Audio Portable Buddy – This ultra-compact system provides clear sound for audiences up to 1,000 in rooms up to 10,000 square feet. It includes input/output jacks and cables for computers or projectors, and features  streaming to add music or other media from phones or tablets. Available with handheld or headset microphones, it offers dual presenter capability for more effective, interactive presentations.

·         Solution 2: AmpliVox S680 Mega Hailer PA – This powerful 50 watt amp system allows your voice to reach 3000 people from up to half a mile away, indoors or out. The wireless, portable Mega Hailer delivers highly intelligible sound from a durable, enclosed unit that withstands weather and other rough conditions.

Based on your helpful recommendations, Jack and Jill come back you when their business has grown. Now they need an attractive, versatile lectern at their office for client presentations, training sessions, and other meetings.

Sales Feature: Multimedia Lecterns provide great sound coverage and support external devices, with classic style that conveys professionalism.

·         Solution: The AmpliVox S/SW505A Executive Adjustable Sound Column Lectern – This versatile lectern fits any presenter comfortably with an adjustable height of 38 to 44 inches. It features a streamlined profile perfect for smaller rooms, with wheels for easy maneuverability and a range of finishes to complement any décor. It also delivers the technology for outstanding presentations: a 150-watt amp, optional wireless mics,  streaming, and convenient dashboard controls.

Fast forward again: now Jack and Jill are in-demand speakers who present to audiences over 3,000 people. They need sound equipment that will engage that larger crowd, but still travel and set-up easily.

Sales Feature: All-in-one sound systems offer multiple functions in convenient, portable packages.

·         Solution: AmpliVox SW915 Digital Audio Travel Partner – Maximize power, functionality, and efficiency with this go-anywhere system. It features a 250-watt amp powered by AC or rechargeable batteries that offer up to 10 hours of run time. It supports multimedia with  streaming and connections for up to three external devices, plus two built-in wireless mics. For the ultimate in presentation flexibility, it includes a remote control that lets you adjust master and individual volume, as well as mixer, reverb/echo,