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Carry Your Message to Every Listener with Versatile Sound Systems from AmpliVox
Posted on Tuesday, May 24, 2016
Carry Your Message to Every Listener with Versatile Sound Systems from AmpliVox

“We Can’t Hear You!”

You’ve worked long and hard on your big presentation. Hours of research, writing, and practice have come down to this morning’s meeting. You switch on the projector, take a deep breath, step out in front of the audience – and before you get to your second sentence, you hear an irritated voice from the back of the room yell, “Speak up!” Game over.

Dynamic Presentations Need Great Audio

Your voice can’t go it alone. The best presentation in the world will never be appreciated by an audience that can’t hear it.

Plug your computer into AmpliVox’s Wireless Voice Projector System and experience the difference great audio makes! This versatile system includes wireless speakers and microphones that anyone can set up in minutes – no tech support required. Forget wires, cables, or confusion – just place the speakers, add the batteries, clip on the wireless microphone, and you’re ready to go.

  • Project your voice in rooms up to 25,000 square feet and audiences up to 3,000 people with 50 watts of powerful stereo sound
  • Play background music and talk at the same time
  • Enhance audio content from movies, slide shows, and other sources
  • Use multiple wireless mics to interact with audience members and co-presenters, with a range of up to 300 feet

It’s Your Moment – Be Prepared

Relying on borrowed or rented sound equipment is just asking for trouble. Having your own system gives  you confidence that your equipment will set up quickly and work when you need it. A small investment in reliable, top-quality sound equipment will deliver successful presentations for years to come. See your AmpliVox dealer to discover how user-friendly and affordable great sound systems can be.

Photo Caption: The SW227 Wireless Voice Projector System Includes: SW225 Wireless Voice Projector with S1204-70 Wireless Powered Dual Module Speaker & Transmitter, two S1090 tripods, a rugged nylon reinforced carrying case on wheels with luggage handle (S1960), and computer interface cables.